A 2 Year Journey

Two 2 years ago I couldn’t get up off the floor without help, my lower back was constantly aching and I was lethargic and lazy. I avoided my reflection in shop windows and never allowed myself to be in any photos. That in itself is sad, because for the first 10 years of my kid’s lives there are not many photos of them with their mum.

I used to be the type of person that was an observer. I never participated in anything for fear of being judged on my clumsiness and size. Not only that, I didn’t want to feel the bitter disappointment that rose in me whenever I attempted something and failed. I felt I was physically trapped inside my own body.

I had tried to lose weight before, but the efforts were short lived. I felt like the whole process had no point, no real way of knowing if I was making progress, or even if I was doing things correctly. It wasn’t until I decided to give CrossFit a go at a new gym opening near me that things began to align and the magic started to happen.

If you can relate to anything from my life 2 years ago, and you are sitting on the fence about starting CrossFit, let me tell you this: I started CrossFit to lose weight but I also gained these surprising bonuses I hadn’t expected:


  • Energy and focus- I felt less lethargic and mentally foggy as began to exercise regularly.


  • Confidence- because I was achieving measurable goals, I could see real progress and felt like I was making headway with my health.


  • Happy wife, happy life- my family was benefiting from the not so tired and grumpy mum because I was making some time for myself each day and came back from the gym recharged and able to tackle things a little more level headed.


  • Setting goals- Something I told my coach the first time I met him was that I had never set any goals so I couldn’t fail. I have since learnt that unless you set goals you don’t really know what you are working towards, or even if you have gotten there. And as for failing, I’ll bring that up in the next point.


  • Embracing failure (and expecting it)- nobody goes into CrossFit fully skilled. There are aspects that take practice, lots of it and along the way you will fail lifts, jumps and pull ups. But the thing is, everyone else is flunking alongside you as you all learn together.


  • Kicking butt in the workplace- my ability to face challenges and not be afraid of failing has helped me immensely in my job. The mental clarity and energy has been really helpful at work too.


  • Thirst for knowledge- CrossFit has given me the desire to want to learn new things, like how our bodies work and respond to exercise, the relationship between food and performance and how strength and conditioning training shapes our bodies.



  • All the feels- one of the biggest surprise wins I have taken from CrossFit are all the friends I have made. The welcoming and friendly environment of CrossFit makes it so easy to return each day to work out. I receive great joy from watching my buddies smashing their goals and celebrating with them.


Written by Mel Nunn


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