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3 Ways Teens Can Improve Sports Performance

3 Ways Teens Can Improve Sports Performance
Published: 16/08/2016

A huge mistake that many coaches or parents make when undertaking training with their teenager for sports performance is that they see what the current champions do and attempt to mimic that. This is the number one way NOT to improve and if anything your athlete will burn out. Champions do the right things but they have laid a lot of ground work to be at that point. Three areas young athletes should focus on first are:

Focus on movement.

Seems simple doesn't it? Moving correctly and efficiently in everything from walking to squatting or pressing is extremely important to develop in young athletes. In fact it's important for everyone which makes developing these skills early in life even more crucial. Be proactive in your approach to movement and not reactive and correct it once an injury occurs from a fault.

Learn about nutrition

What we eat fuels our bodies and if we are going to be participating in sports where we aim to perform at high levels we must fuel our bodies correctly so that energy is readily available and we can recover correctly. The most important part is that the athlete learns about why they should eat certain amounts of proteins, carbs and good fats and how life impacts on what is available.

Train sports enhancement

There is often a confusion between sports specific training and sports enhancement training. Sports specific training is doing the actual sport, competing and training with the tools of the trade. Sports enhancement training is where gym work plays a role, building up the physical demands of the sport. A young athlete should already be attending training sessions with their team or sports coach but may not cover much fitness work or have a structured program in place to increase their fitness for their sport. This is where we can assist in giving young athletes the platform to build strength, speed, coordination, accuracy, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, power, stamina and agility.


Luke McCracken

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