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Are you faking it?

Are you faking it?
Published: 25/06/2019

Keep reading on, we are going to get real first before we speak about solutions.

You have or had a gym membership. You go for walks every now and then. You don't eat that much bad food. Your doctor hasn't diagnosed any chronic diseases yet. You must be pretty healthy, right?

Wrong. You have been ripped off. You have been lied to and you have been living well beneath what you are truly capable of for far too long!

Problem is you can't feel that. You can't feel most of the symptoms that are leading to a bad bad future. You can't see the weakest structures that are just waiting for one more stressor to break. Your problem might be:

  • You keep wasting money on a gym membership you don't use (or use very little)
  • You are afraid to seek help
  • You don't know who is the best person to ask for help
  • You tell yourself that eating is simple, you know what to do but yet you can't look or feel how you truly want to
  • You lie to your doctor about diet and exercise

Look, I get it. You are not a bad person, not at all. I do believe that. Problem is others are going to let you keep taking the easy path because they can't see the problems.

Not us. We take a stand against these problems because we want to help you. Instead of faking it you:

  • Have a gym you a confident at, feel supported at and really want to go to!
  • Are able to ask for professional help at anytime from your coaches
  • You know who to ask and if you coach doesn't know, they will find someone who will
  • You have access to a registered dietitian and nutrition coaches who give you custom advice to help you look and feel and you want to
  • You don't need to lie to your doctor, you can be proud of your new lifestyle.

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Written by Coach Luke

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