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Asking yourself WHY will change your life

Asking yourself WHY will change your life
Published: 08/01/2020

If you remember being a child or have your own you know it's in a child's nature to continually ask why about everything. Even when provided with a response another why usually follows. This is because children are so eager to understand the world around them.

Children are capable of enquiring about their environment however at their age and development, self-awareness is not present. This is why they won't ask themselves why am I doing this? Or, why do I want to?

As an adult though, you are fully capable of this and asking yourself why will bring you to the truth behind your actions. Start here:

Why am I in my current position?




Keep asking yourself why.

Here is an example of relation to your health and fitness.

Why am I currently unfit and overweight? Answer: I eat poorly and don't exercise.

Why? I don't have enough time, I have to do everything for everyone else first.

Why? I believe that I have to do these things to be of value.

Why? I'm not sure, no one has ever told me that. It's just something I thought I had to do.

There it is! The underlying belief and values driving the actions. There may be an opportunity to go even further than this.

Your values and beliefs drive everything in your life. They dictate what you allow and what you protect yourself from.

So go on, start asking yourself why, about everything.

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