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Asking yourself WHY will change your life

If you remember being a child or have your own you know it's in a child's nature to continually ask why about everything. Even when provided with a response another why usually follows. This is because children are so eager to understand the world around them. Children are capable of enquiring about their environment however […]

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Why you HAVE TO exercise to get smarter

If you are a leader in business, a student or anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and be more intelligent you have to exercise. New research shows that on top of being good for your health, exercise makes you smarter too. Neuroscientists in Portland, Oregan made the discovery that a short burst of exercise […]

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Are you bad at making tough decisions? This is why.

Deciding whether or not to eat that chocolate is not a tough choice to make. Nor is selecting an appropriate time to go to bed. We just give in to the easy option. It's easier to put the responsibility for your downfalls, your weaknesses, your inability to progress and succeed on someone else or something […]

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Ariston Fitness Bundaberg CrossFit

Can I do CrossFit with no fitness?

So there's this thing about CrossFit. Everyone believes it's for only the naturally strong, the people gifted with a sporting ability or those who love to workout hard. Let me tell you the truth. CrossFit is and was made for overweight people, the older generation and for anyone else who needs to be able to […]

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Why is my kid struggling to be active?

It's common for many people to believe it's easier than ever for kids these days. Everything is served up for them, right? So why can't your child remain active and want to keep playing sport? It's harder than you think. Even though there are many things that make tasks easier for kids, this has only […]

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