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Can I do CrossFit with no fitness?

Can I do CrossFit with no fitness?
Published: 26/09/2019

So there's this thing about CrossFit. Everyone believes it's for only the naturally strong, the people gifted with a sporting ability or those who love to workout hard. Let me tell you the truth. CrossFit is and was made for overweight people, the older generation and for anyone else who needs to be able to live life to their best.

You don't have to believe me. If you have done your CrossFit Level 1 you would know the true purpose of CrossFit. Instead of doing that, watch this short video of the founder of CrossFit, Gregg Glassman in which he speaks of the purpose:

Yes, you can do CrossFit with no fitness because it was made precisely for those who need fitness but feel they don't have it yet. The elegant solution that is CrossFit allows you to go from 0 to where ever you want. You most likely see or hear from people who do CrossFit that have developed their fitness through this training methodology. They didn't start where they are, the coaching took them there. It can take you there too. A person's ability to run a mile, lift their body weight on a deadlift and do a pull up simply means they are further from chronic disease than they were before.

As a beginner to CrossFit at Ariston, your journey is carefully mapped out to ensure you feel comfortable, your needs and desires are known by your coaches and you are going to succeed. You start with our introduction program that teaches you everything you need to know from the movements to setting goals and nutrition advice. From this point, you choose whether personal training or group coaching is your most preferred option. Whichever you choose, there is always a coach guiding and supporting you so that you know what to do.

As a coach, I LOVE helping beginners. Being able to show you how to squat without pain, do burpees and not hate them and achieve tasks you once thought impossible is the greatest!

If you would like to chat for free about if CrossFit is right for you book a meeting below:

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