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Can you do CrossFit if you're overweight?

Can you do CrossFit if you're overweight?
Published: 29/08/2019

Yes, you can!

When you think of CrossFit the type of people who do it are shredded, have 6 pack abs and seem sport driven their entire life. Thing is there are two sides to CrossFit. The one I have just described is the sport, this is CrossFit competitions including the CrossFit Games. The other side is what CrossFit was created to be, a training method for everyone to increase their health away from sickness, disease, and obesity, towards fitness.

At the core of CrossFit are professional trainers who dedicate themselves to ensuring you are safe, supported and heading towards your goals. If you are overweight, these trainers are your guiding lights. If you are the fittest person in town, these trainers are also your go-to gurus. Why?

Every group coaching session in CrossFit has a purpose. Your workout is modified to ensure you get the most from it and achieve the stimulus. It is very rare for more than 5 people to be doing the same workout every day out of 50 because we all need something slightly different.

Being overweight is not a determining factor in our eyes as to what you can and can not do. Instead, we talk with you, listen to you, learn from how you move in our on-ramp course and teach you what is best for you.

We can show you what you truly are capable of and help you lose weight too if that is your goal. Don't let your current weight stop you from being what you could be!

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