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Can you pass your kids fitness test?

Can you pass your kids fitness test?
Published: 19/06/2019

Ever felt out of breath playing with your kids?

They have endless energy right? Or maybe you have very little energy!

Your kids want to play with you. They want you to keep up with them and enjoy endless happy times.

You deserve to be a parent that can do that for your kids.

Look back at photos of you when you were younger. Chances are you weren't always in the shape you are now. You may not have been super fit but you were better off than you are now.

You put everyone else first and now you are paying for it. You will continue to pay for it unless you do something about it.

I challenge you to go outside and play with your kids for 30 minutes. If you can't you need to come see me, you need my help. Even if you last longer than 30 minutes but you still want to be fitter you can come for a free intro.

How great would it be to run around with your kids and once they are too tired, you can keep on doing adult jobs! Endless energy starts with us helping you.

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Written by Coach Luke

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