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Is CrossFit making females bulky?

Is CrossFit making females bulky?
Published: 14/02/2017

Within fitness many old beliefs stemming from decades ago exist, some are spread by trainers who are ignorant to evidence and new research while many believe them because they heard it. One of these is that lifting weights will make females look like men, or appear too muscular or bulky. First off let me say that however you want to look is fine, if you do or don't want larger muscles there is nothing wrong with either. As long as your health is priority don't worry yourself with what others think or say. Secondly what does lifting weights and muscles represent? Strength!

Many females fear that if they do CrossFit they will get bulky and muscular like the females they see participate in CrossFit's biggest stage, The CrossFit Games. Let's stop believing that it is easy to look like a professional athlete that has a precise diet and their life revolves around one thing, being THE BEST at CrossFit. Unless that is your goal too don't expect to be the same. Do not forget that the bodies these women have created through hard work are strong and beautiful. Beautiful because they are constantly seeking out the potential of their bodies. These women are such a small percentage of the population so let's bring it back to you, the mothers, sisters, wives, aunts, grandmothers and daughters.

You want to be healthier, you want to be fitter, you want to be able to play with your kids and you want to live a longer, more fulfilling life. How do you achieve that? You CrossFit. Why? Because it is proven to increase all 10 general physical attributes that will increase health markers, it will make you stronger, it will give you confidence like you never thought you would have and it will welcome you into a community like no other. CrossFit has the potential to show you what you are truly capable of within one hour each day. With all these benefits will you gain a lot of muscle? Muscle gain is dependant upon many other factors than just resistance training therefore to say lifting weights, particularly heavy ones will definitely make you muscular is a lie.

If you believe a female should not look a certain way, whatever that may be analyse why. Where did your belief and values come from on this topic? Are you heavily influenced by the media? Are you afraid of a female out performing you in a physical task? If so, why would it matter? So even if something was going to make you bulky and muscular what's wrong with that? Nothing at all.

Check out what top CrossFit athletes have to say about beauty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDXxURPagpM

Strength and toughness knows not gender.


Written by Coach Luke McCracken.


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