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Do you want abs? You HAVE to do this!

Do you want abs? You HAVE to do this!
Published: 22/06/2019

Many men and women like you want that elusive 6 pack. You will see people do sit ups, ab crunches, wheel roll outs all day in pursuit of it. None of these matter.

What really matters is your food. You have abdominal muscles underneath a layer of fat, that's why you can't see your 6 pack, your obliques or "that v". Working to develop these muscles will contradict losing that fat layer.

If you want your 6 pack to stand out, like a bodybuilder or fitness model does on stage you do need to put in some hypertrophy training (gaining muscle) for your abs. That way when they do show they look great. But to gain muscle you need to eat more, you need to be in caloric surplus!

To lose fat you need your body to be in a caloric deficit. This is the opposite of what muscle growth needs.

So while you work away at those abs twice a week in the gym your food is supporting an entirely different goal.

I may have done one or two workouts that included Toes to bar (an abdominal gymnastics movement) but other that than I did very little ab work.

I simply stayed on track with our Ariston Nutrition Macro plan and go to the stage on the right in 11 weeks.

If you want abs, take my advice. Do high-intensity interval training and pair it with a great nutrition plan (we can help with one of those here).

If you want a super effective high intensity interval program that gets you feeling and looking your best book a free intro here:

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Written by Coach Luke

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