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FINALLY! How To Afford A Premium Gym Membership Today Even If You Have A Modest Income

FINALLY! How To Afford A Premium Gym Membership Today Even If You Have A Modest Income
Published: 02/08/2019

All your friends are joining and experiencing the remarkable benefits of premium gym memberships and you wonder how? How do they afford that?

Uni Students, families with one income and single parents are all attending these gyms that can range from $30-$70 per week depending on what suits their goals best. Still, you can't seem to figure out how to make it work for you.

Step 1 - Sort out your priorities

This is the most important part for you being able to afford a premium gym membership and get the results from it. You must make your fitness goals a priority. Right now you see your car as a priority, it gets you from A to B safely. This logic allows you to perceive the loan repayments as a need to achieve the outcome you want (getting places). Buying a new phone on a repayment plan is the same. You perceive having the latest technology and being able to communicate with others quickly as important thus the repayments are a requirement.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you place importance on. It's up to you. However, if you want to be fitter, have abs, tone up, get stronger try seeing these goals as high priorities. Don't see the membership price, instead see what that will get you.

Step 2 - Avoid this HUGE mistake!

What will a certain membership get you? Most gyms offer you access and that's it. They might throw a few freebies to sweeten the deal or even a discount but you still just get access. What good is access if you have no knowledge of health and fitness? What good is access if none of your friends will go with you? How does access to gym equipment change anything about you?

This is like me parking a brand new car in your garage, giving you the keys but telling you it's not allowed to go anywhere. You are not able to achieve the outcome you want which is to get places by this car.

I am sure you know at least one person who has gym equipment at home and never uses it. That's the same as joining a gym for access, you are just renting equipment.

Yes, using gym equipment will help you lose weight, get abs, get stronger and fitter BUT you have to bring the knowledge, experience, exercise program, accountability, and more. Gym equipment is just the tools you use to achieve your fitness goals.

Do you hire a builder or rent all the equipment you need to build your own house without any idea of how to do anything? You hire a builder because they have knowledge, experience, their own tools and will save you money and time on mistakes you WILL make.

It's exactly the same when you join a gym. If you make the mistake of going for a cheap option for access only you must be willing to educate yourself on how to get fit. You need to be prepared to make lots of mistakes.

Instead of wasting your money and time try this....

Step 3 - Save $6 a day

Yes, that's all you need for a premium gym membership. My medium take-away extra shot cappuccino costs $5.50! That's almost as much as a premium gym membership. Buying lunches, dinner or having coffees every day adds up! Or look at your weekend alcohol spend, a carton of beer or bottle of spirits can easily cost $40 or more. Break that down by 7 days in a week and you could save the money for the gym membership you deserve.

If you start looking at the outcomes you want (abs, strength, lose weight, be fit) you find ways to make it work. However, if you simply look at $180 per month as just a number you will never be able to justify it. $180 per month is the same as $6 per day. This is our unlimited group coaching membership (no contract, we don't do them). Let me ask you one question....

If all $180 per month did was make you more confident, stronger, leaner, toned, gain muscle, run further and feel great would it be worth it?


If all $6 per day did was make you more confident, stronger, leaner, toned, gain muscle, run further and feel great would it be worth it?

If actually achieving your goals would be worth it to you then I am happy to say that I have opened up some time on my calendar for you to schedule a meeting and we can talk about what your goals are. Book your Free consult here:

Schedule Appointment

A Premium Gym Membership includes:

  • Happiness enjoying where you train
  • Creating a new group of friends in another social environment
  • A guarantee to get the results you want
  • Your own professional coaches who have the knowledge and experiences you need
  • Nutrition advice that is simple and works
  • Quarterly check-ins to ensure you are getting the most out of your membership
  • An exciting exercise program that you never have to think about and will never get bored with
  • Motivation from working out with other like-minded people and coaches
  • Access to so much equipment that you never have to wait
  • A super clean environment to workout in so you never feel uncomfortable in a dirty gym
  • Apps and software to track your progress
  • Opportunities for further progress with personal training, seminars, workshops and challenges.

What matters most to us is that for $6 a day you get the results you deserve.

For $6 a day we know we can guarantee you results.

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