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"It's my stress relief" - Heidi Geyer

"It's my stress relief" - Heidi Geyer
Published: 07/07/2019

Before I joined Ariston my biggest challenge was finding Motivation to attend gym sessions on a daily basis. This made me feel frustrated and bored with no desire to do any sort of workout, especially after a stressful day at work.

Now that I workout at Ariston I have a different workout everyday which keeps things interesting. Whether it be a 10 minute, 30 minute, 40 minute workout or simply just technique training I have been motivated and want to come back for more. The community support which I receive getting me through each workout helps greatly. The coaches believe in me and my capabilities of what I can do.

I can now deadlift a max of 80-85kg, when I first started I could only deadlift 35kg. I completed a 15km run which for me was such an achievement at my age. I never though in my life I was capable of doing a 15km run let alone finishing in the time cap given. I did my first CrossFit open which challenged me and I had lots of fun whilst doing it. I can also feel myself getting stronger everyday.

If you are considering joining simply come and try. See for yourself that each day you start to feel stronger and fitter as well as mentally better within yourself.

I love being able to walk out of the office after a stressful day and come to CrossFit. It's my stress relief. I feel so much better afterwards and I'm also able to do this with my husband, something we enjoy together and motivate each other. Finally, I love the wonderful community spirit and the friendships I have made through this journey.

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