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How to help your workplace thrive and make it better for you!

How to help your workplace thrive and make it better for you!
Published: 19/06/2019

Where ever you work and whatever your role is there, the people you work with make going to work exciting or you dread it. Now you can control only your actions but your actions might just be what help you AND those you work with.

If you are a mum or dad you know how hard it is to get through a day with lack of sleep from a crying baby the night before. Imagine your whole workplace running on that amount of sleep.

They would be impatient, unmotivated, give poor service and probably make your job a lot harder. They certainly wouldn't make you excited to go to work.

Reality is, this is exactly what most workplaces experience on a weekly basis, especially towards the end of the week. So why does this happen?

Over the course of a weekend people get to enjoy doing things they want, this also means going and eating when and where they want. Monday arrives and they are back at work, probably had nothing for breakfast and are hanging out for lunch. All their brain wants them to think about is food.

Your brain has one job, ensure you survive. If you don't eat, it will make you think about that and definitely not the task at hand. This cycle rolls on everyday for the week. All those traits of a tired mum or dad I mentioned before, exact same for someone who is not fuelled well.

What your workplace needs is know how. They need to know how to fuel themselves well and how to make it simple and easy.

When your workplace is skilled up in eating well you will be amongst a group of people who are focused, driven, optimistic and want to take on more tasks because they have already done what was asked of them!

We can get your workplace started with learning how to eat well. Simply book an intro with us below and we can catch up to chat about the finer details.

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