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How to not choose the worst diet for you!

How to not choose the worst diet for you!
Published: 21/06/2019

What is the best diet for you to choose?

This is one of those questions that we would all like to know the answer to. Surely there is some magic pill you haven’t heard of or something you are missing!!

You can waste a lot of time. Failing a diet leads to poor self esteem. It's a common belief that diets are hard to follow, many people fail them but you deserve to be someone who does not fail!

I recently had a conversation with a new personal training client and I always like to go deep into where people are at with their nutrition. Her response wasn’t uncommon.

When you are trying to find the best solution for your nutrition, there are definitely certain principles that need to be applied, but it isn’t as hard as you think it is. Her answer was “I’m trying to go paleo because it makes me feel better”. I asked her “How’s that going for you”. Her reply again was not uncommon. “Well, my dad is up at the moment and he likes munchies so it’s not really happening”.

The best diet to follow is the one that will work for you and is sustainable.

Have you ever walked upstairs and tripped and hit your shin? Have you ever tried skipping more than one step at a time? Well, this is essentially what you are doing if you start with a crappy diet, and then try to skip straight to paleo or intermittent fasting, or keto or any other fad diet.

Yes, you will feel great because you have probably started to incorporate more unprocessed foods into your diet. You may even lose some weight because you have created a calorie deficit. BUT, will you be able to sustain it in the long term, or will you trip and hit your shin because you have skipped a few steps and haven’t followed certain nutrition principals that need to be applied?

You ought to know what nutrition strategy will work for you. You shouldn't be fooled into thinking the latest fad will suit you, good chance it won't.

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Written by Coach Kellie.

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