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How to stop those cravings for bad food.

How to stop those cravings for bad food.
Published: 25/06/2019

I bet you never feel guilty when you eat an entire green salad or you finish the entire chicken breast. That is because most cravings are closely tied to junk food and have little to do with true hunger. 

First comes the craving, followed by the finding a food that satisfies that craving. Then, you get the reward from eating the food you wanted. 

Here are some strategies to overcome your craving habits:-

  1. Choose a better option that has the same reward attached to it.  We all have a food hierarchy where we prize certain foods over others.  For me, something that sits at the top of my list is raspberries.  They are delicious and expensive and I only buy them on rare occasions.  If it is chocolate you want, go and buy the BEST quality most expensive version you can find.  You will likely eat it slower and savour it, and want to save some more for next time.
  2. Give your craving a timeout.  Give yourself a time limit.  If you still feel like you need the item you are craving, then go and get it.  Tell yourself that if you still want it tomorrow, then you will have it.
  3. Leave the house.  If you are going to crave a particular item, you need to leave the house to get it.  Make a rule that you can eat whatever junk food you want, but you have to travel at least 10km to buy it.
  4. Get busy.  What happens if you step away from the pantry and go for a walk, clean up your phone’s camera roll, or make a new Spotify playlist?  Do something else to keep you occupied if you tend to eat when bored.
  5. Don’t get too hungry.  Eat enough of the right foods during the day so that you don’t allow yourself to get beyond starving.
  6. Try a fasting experiment. For 18-24 hours.  But Remember to stay well hydrated.  Most people will be scared that they’ll be starving all day long, but this is not usually what happens.  Yes, you will get hungry. Yes, you will get cravings. But these feelings come and go, and for many folks, this can be both eye opening and empowering. In a sense, fasting forces us to forgo urges and accept it’s okay to be hungry.

Will you waste away? No.  

Will you collapse from exhaustion? No.  

Will the world end? No.  

But you will learn something about your relationship with food.

Need some more strategies to overcome binge eat and controlling your cravings?  Book in for a FREE 15 min “no snack intro” and we will get you started on the right track to being able to have control over your life and your nutrition.  You deserve to feel good about yourself!!

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