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How to STOP your kids from being Lazy

How to STOP your kids from being Lazy
Published: 11/06/2019

You care for your children with all the love in the world and want only the best for them in the future. However, it's hard for you to convince them to be healthier and more active. Particularly in today's world of technology. There is one way that can ensure your kids future will be healthy and active. Through leading by example.

You don't need to be the world's fittest mum or dad. Your children don't care about you being the best but they do watch what you do and how you apply yourself. If they don't see you working out, then they listen to how you speak about the workout you had and how it made you feel or how you plan tomorrow's schedule to ensure you get some active time in.

Just like you wouldn't go see a doctor who is riddled with illness or an accountant who is broke your children won't listen to a parent who asks them to be active when you are not doing so yourself. Even if they do engage in activity through school and sport, you are their number one example. You are the leader in their life, it is your responsibility to guide them through the early years and set them up for success. What lessons do you want them to learn?

Would you like your child to learn that exercise makes them feel good or that it's easier to sit on the couch?

Would you prefer your child builds a strong, healthy body that overcomes injury and illness quicker or a weak, unhealthy body?

It all starts with you, the parent. Instead of asking your kids to be more active and healthy, show them through your actions. In doing so your kids will:

  • Respect you even more for doing what you say.
  • Watch you become a healthier and fitter person that influences others with their actions.
  • See you develop new friends that also have their kids' health as a priority.

So how do you get started?

Your plan is simple. If you complete just the first step I assure you will be able to be an even better leader for your children.

  1. Book a Free No Sweat intro with me right now. Then tell your family about it, bring your children if you would like. They can meet me and see our gym too.
  2. Tell me about yourself in our meeting. This is YOUR meeting. I'm here to be on your team and assist you in whatever way I can to get you to success.
  3. Go home and discuss with your family over dinner what your plan and advice is. Your family will 100% respect you for doing this!

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Written by Coach Luke

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