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"I Am Enjoying Training Again" - Michael

"I Am Enjoying Training Again" - Michael
Published: 01/08/2019

My biggest challenge was that I was lacking the motivation to start exercising. My time at a previous gym was not enjoyable and as a result, it became a chore and I stopped going. I felt lazy and was unhappy with myself and my lack of concern for my health. I grew up always being physically active and enjoying my training so it was a big difference.

Since joining Ariston I am enjoying training again as well as feeling much better physically and mentally. I have met some great people and am loving the support that everyone shares. I have been able to run faster and further than ever, deadlift 200kg and learn to do muscle-ups. Plus plenty of other movements that I have become confident in.

As someone who struggled to get back into exercise for a few years, I can understand how hard it can be to get started. Since starting with Ariston I look forward to it each day and love being surrounded by supportive people who are also working hard to stay healthy. I couldn’t recommend Ariston highly enough. The training is challenging and enjoyable, and the coaches have worked to build my confidence in each movement.

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