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"I Hated The Gym (Normal Gyms)" - Jarrod

"I Hated The Gym (Normal Gyms)" - Jarrod
Published: 01/08/2019

I was lacking motivation and knowledge of how to train prior to joining Ariston Fitness. I was previously only training to play football. This was mostly running and getting hit. I had done very little resistance or cross-training. I was also GROSSLY overweight 6 months before starting CrossFit, I was 107kg (32% body fat) and hated how I looked and felt. I felt lazy, fat and generally useless!! I felt tired as well as borderline depressed.

After joining Ariston I knew what I was doing, I had guidance. It also gave me something to aim for. I could track my progress and see how my training directly affected my results, this gave me huge amounts of motivation (I’m not someone who does things by half measures). I felt proud to know I was starting to make a difference in my life. Sharing this journey with my wife also made a big difference.

I’m now consistently at around 90kg (Down roughly 17kg). This was due to participating in the 12-week challenge and making major changes in my eating habits. I can also now lift more than my own body weight in a number of different ways.

If you are considering joining just come in and give it a go, you don’t need to know what you’re doing, you don’t need to be fit. Everything can be modified, most people end up modifying anyway.

I Hated the gym (Normal gyms). I hated going to the gym, the people at the gym, the staff at the gym, I hated the way people looked at me while I was at the gym and even the way the gyms are set up. In fact, I still do!! But I Love going to Ariston and the CrossFit community in general. Some of my closest friends are now from the gym. I also love dropping in on other boxes when we are traveling!!

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