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"I Love Coming To Class" - Judi

"I Love Coming To Class" - Judi
Published: 01/08/2019

My biggest challenge was just making time and effort to go to the gym. I’m not young and skinny, actually old and clumsy. Arthritis likes my body, which makes some exercises a bit difficult. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of groups and how friendly everyone is. I have gained a lot more range of movement and strength.

I love coming to class. I’m proud of my achievements and always feel better after class. I have lost size. I do nearly always have a spring in my step at work now.

Anyone not sure about joining, give it a go!!! No one at Ariston is judgemental or laughs unless we are all having some fun. I feel completely comfortable there with both men and women of all ages. I have been to a lot of different gyms during my life but never have I had support or enjoyment as I do at Ariston.

Remember I’m the old girl, so I need to change some of the workouts or just scale down a bit. No one minds that I’m not up to the levels of others. One day I will even run, but not too sure about skipping.

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