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"I love the different challenges" - Kelly Ricciardi

"I love the different challenges" - Kelly Ricciardi
Published: 07/07/2019

My biggest challenge to joining any fitness regimen was firstly finding the time to fit it in with having 3 young children and then still having the energy to keep up with them and other everyday activities. Secondly, I felt anxious about not having the fitness level/stamina needed to complete or keep up with the workouts at Ariston.

Since joining Ariston I know I can now constantly challenge myself without the fear of failure. My endurance and strength continue to increase more than I thought my body could ever handle. Instead of dreading a 5km run, I now look forward to challenging myself and setting new PB’s.

I love the different challenges and seeing the results physically and mentally which has not only improved my gym abilities but my quality of life outside of the gym. With support from coaches at Ariston, my nutritional knowledge now has helped me maintain my level of fitness, making me feel the best I have since having kids.

I highly recommend Ariston for your fitness and health wellbeing. The workouts can always be suited to any fitness level and the coaches and members are all very supportive and always encouraging you to do your very best.

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