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"I'm happy, my clothes fit and I feel like me again" - Tarina

"I'm happy, my clothes fit and I feel like me again" - Tarina
Published: 01/08/2019

Before joining Ariston I was bored and lacked motivation at my previous gym. I have always played lots of sport, but had never attended a gym class and didn’t really know what to do by myself. It was about a year and a half since our little girl was born and I just felt yuck before I joined Ariston. I was still a handful of kgs heavier than before falling pregnant, my clothes didn’t fit right and I felt uncomfortable. I just wanted to feel like me again, but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do it.

After joining I was happier. My mental health improved dramatically. The workouts were hard, but I loved the challenge. It was such a nice environment, with really welcoming people and I looked forward to going each day, even on the days with really tough workouts.

In the first few months, I lost a few kgs and started to learn technical movements that I’d never done before, like weightlifting. Then I fell pregnant with my second child and was able to continue working out by modifying and scaling movements, right up until a few days before James was born. Just over a year after my little boy was born and I’m stronger than ever. I’m happy, my clothes fit and I feel like me again. Plus I’ve learnt to do some cool stuff, like double unders, toe push ups and Squat snatches.

Starting something new can be scary, but it’s exciting too. The coaches and members at Ariston are supportive and make you feel welcomed. Just give it a go and hopefully, it’s something you love as much as I do.

It would be easy for me to say that I don’t have time. I work full time, have 2 young children and play sport a couple of times a week, but self-care and health are really important. Going to the gym every morning is an investment in me which also has a positive impact on my family.

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