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Low Back Pain, Is It Normal?

Low Back Pain, Is It Normal?
Published: 08/02/2017

Many people, both active and sedentary experience pain or discomfort in their low back region. Such a high rate of occurrence must make this condition normal right? Wrong. Even though it is common, particularly in today's society it is far from normal.

Firstly let's address that low back pain is often used as a "diagnosis" by those experiencing discomfort from their lumbar spine downwards. The discomfort can be coming from any skeletal or muscular part in that region, because of this take away the assumption that low back pain immediately means a spinal problem. Many who experience discomfort in this area could be feeling nerve pain, gluteal tightness, back extensor tightness, a disc bulge or impingement.

To find out a true diagnosis you must see a health professional. We recommend seeing a physiotherapist. Along with a diagnosis of the pain you can then commence working on the root cause of the problem. Simply eradicating pain will not benefit you long term. Work with your physiotherapist to enhance your positioning and movement patterns. If you leave low back pain untreated it will lead to compensation, poor movement patterns and problems else where.



Written by Coach Luke McCracken.

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