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The Magic Secret To Weight Loss

The Magic Secret To Weight Loss
Published: 07/05/2017

We all want to know what the secret equation is for losing weight. Perhaps you’re trying to find something more exciting, perhaps something new that surely someone doesn’t already know, something that can work while you continue to live your life the way it is without disruption, without effort and without thoughtfulness and consistency. Something that will work immediately!


A fabulous friend among us has been on a continued and consistent path to weight loss. Through her consistent efforts, she has lost 40kg. Over time people have commented to her how great she is looking and want to know the secret to her success. They often ask “how have you done it?”. She is happy to share what she knows and what she has learnt. However, when she explains that her weight loss has come about through constantly varied exercise and watching what she eats, she exclaimed that everyone’s “eyes just glaze over”. Surely the secret to weight loss has to be something other than diet and exercise, right?


The key for her was to STOP DIETING and to stop doing it out of punishment and self-loathing, but rather out of respect for herself. She found that if she set a time limit for herself to lose weight, the date would come, and then what? She would gain everything back that she had lost, plus more.


Sometimes the answer is so simple that your eyes begin to glaze over with these explanations. However, the most important thing you might be missing is that consistency is paramount. Of course it’s easy enough to add in an exercise that you enjoy in the hope that this is all you need to do to begin the weight loss journey. And initially, if you’re new to exercise, this will certainly work for a period of time. However, on average, your exercise may only account for 10% of your daily energy expenditure. At some point you are going to have to stop and evaluate your nutrition. Are you over eating, under eating, feeling tired all the time, falling flat during workouts, putting on weight despite your best efforts or just don’t know what to eat. Is paleo, low carb, high fat, keto or sugar free the way to go? Or is there something much more sustainable. It’s a lot to have to consider and sometimes it can be overwhelming.


Just like we all value a coach for our exercise training, perhaps it might be time to consider having a coach for your nutrition to provide you with accountability, tips, advice and sometimes, a pat on the back. If you are interested in talking to us about getting nutrition support, we would love to hear from you by clicking here.


Written by Coach Kellie Walker

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