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Make people excited to be around you!

Make people excited to be around you!
Published: 15/06/2019

Who do you like hanging out with? What are the characteristics of those people? Do they make a lot of jokes? They might help you out in some way. It may be that you have a lot in common. Whatever it is, people you like hanging out with have leave an impact on your life. This means you too have an impact on their lives.

People get excited to be around you when you are fun, full of energy, confident and believe in yourself. Now, we can't be like this at all times but there are ways to help yourself be a person that people want to be friends with.

How do you do it?

  • Get better sleep
  • Eat quality foods
  • Cut back on junk food
  • Minimize alcohol
  • Exercise


  • Better sleep equals a fresh headspace and a body ready to tackle the day.
  • Quality foods are premium fuel. You stay more focused, have more energy and greatly reduce your chance of illness.
  • Junk foods are like filling your car with dirt instead of fuel. It might taste nice in your mouth but the chemistry breakdown afterward is not rewarding at all. Save your money and your health.
  • Alcohol has a huge negative effect on your body and your mind. Don't believe me. Don't drink anything for a month. Compare that to your usual habits, note down how you feel in case you forget.
  • Exercise makes you feel happy. You feel proud of what you achieve every time you exercise. It can be any exercise you like, as long as you get your body moving.

You deserve to have people that want to hang out with you. If you keep just expecting people to like you but you don't give them a good reason it won't happen.

By making these changes you can help others do the same. Then everyone's friendships grow and you are all better for it.

You don't have to do this alone and we believe you deserve the right help. Book a free intro meeting with us now to chat about your options.

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