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MUST KNOW: The new wave of fitness in Bundaberg and how you are missing out!

MUST KNOW: The new wave of fitness in Bundaberg and how you are missing out!
Published: 30/07/2019

Do you want to get fitter? Choosing which gym to join is hard, the easiest path is to do what everyone else does (that don't get results) and get a traditional access gym membership. But there is a new wave of fitness in Bundaberg and you must try it!

You may have not noticed there has been a monumental shift in the way we workout. In the past, when you had a goal to get fit you drove to a regular commercial gym that provided you access to a range of gym equipment and you signed up. Statistics say that you most likely went between 1-3 times then never returned, that's if you went at all. A huge myth behind gym memberships is, if you have one, you will get fit. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What works best has changed and thousands of people in Bundaberg, most likely one of your friends, are willing to pay between $30-$70 per week for fitness memberships. The reasons why are found within their desire to take action and achieve their goals. Memberships don't simply mean access to equipment, instead, you embark on an addictive journey that never gets boring and you start to understand that your potential is far greater than you ever knew. Your frustrations and struggles are no more and life is 1000 times better than before.

People feel really good and look how they want to!

This is the NUMBER 1 reason people choose the new way of training over a traditional gym. Do you value feeling great and looking the way you want to? Do you actually want to achieve your goals? If you answered yes the new way of training is perfect for you.

How do you feel after getting a great hair cut and style? You look amazing, right? You also feel amazing! This is the experience people who are joining the new wave of fitness have after every session.

They get results.

They look and feel great in themselves.

They feel confident and can take on any new task at work or home.

They meet lots of new people like them.

They also get:

  • Different workouts every day that are modified to their level. You need a program that motivates you, excites you and allows you to do what you can while making progress so that you workout more often. Consistency equals results.
  • Nutrition advice that makes them feel and look amazing! The food you fuel your body with literally makes up 80% of the results you get. People who pay for this service do so because they don't want to waste their money and time working out only to undo everything with poor nutrition.
  • Likeminded people that help you get results. These are the other people you workout with. When you take the old path of a gym membership you stick your headphones on and don't talk to anyone right? At these new gyms, people make new friends, help each other, support each other and ultimately create an atmosphere that is addictive. Getting fitter means getting uncomfortable and pushing yourself, doing this alone sucks (I know, I have done it) but doing this with a group of people that battle through with you is unbeatable.
  • Programs pre-written for them. There is no thinking about what workout or exercise to do on the day. A coach tells them what to do, how to modify, how to be safe, how to get the most from the workout and everything else that is needed. Listen and follow and you are guaranteed results.

The last 4 points are simply added bonuses. In 2019 people who are successful in achieving their fitness goals understand that the new wave of fitness gyms are offering the exact formula to get results. To achieve everything listed above.

These people are CRAZY

Yep, it certainly looks that way on the outside. Spending that much money on fitness memberships, having FUN working out, enjoying the sore muscles afterward and raving about it all the time. I get where you are coming from, I was thinking this too until I tried it.

The truth is, it's actually that good. That good that you prioritize your finances to ensure you can afford it. So amazing that you feel way better than before. Incredible to realize what you are capable of.

When you stop and really think about it, and not just dismiss it. You start to realize that if so many people are still doing this there must be something to it AND THEN IT HAPPENS. Then you have the epiphany, it must be working for them!

Review what doesn't work for you

Every person I know who is dedicated to their traditional gym routine has either a competitive goal or education in fitness that provides them with the know-how. These people make up 1% of the Bundaberg population. For everyone else, the new wave is a better solution.

Traditional gyms have existed in Bundaberg for decades yet, we still have one of the most unhealthy and obese populations. Why?

  • No motivation / Super easy to make an excuse not to go
  • A boring program that repeats each week
  • Competition for equipment
  • Left on your own when not paying for personal training
  • Easy to slack off on your own
  • Insert all the other reasons why you have not achieved your goals yet....

Don't regret missing out!

I won't sit here and type away about how much it works. If you want to see that head to our home page and see for yourself. I regret not starting sooner. A friend of mine asked me to come to a class back in 2010. If I had gone I would have had an extra 4 years of feeling better, fitter and stronger. How long will you regret not trying it out?

No sales FREE CALL

Since you are still here I would like to offer you my time. You want to join a gym but are still unsure. You have questions. I can help you. Usually, we charge $55 for our professional advice but today, because you deserve to know what will work for you I have opened up some times on my calendar for a free call.


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