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"My Only Regret Is Not Joining Sooner" - Narridy

"My Only Regret Is Not Joining Sooner" - Narridy
Published: 01/08/2019

Working out consistently due to boredom in what exercise I was doing was a huge challenge for me before joining Ariston Fitness. My mental game wasn’t in it most the time. Also if something was hard or too uncomfortable I would often avoid it or cut the workout short. I didn’t realize the value in modifying or scaling a workout appropriately to your current skills and abilities but in a way that builds your strength and fitness to still get closer to your goals. I had the mentality if I couldn’t do it the way others did or the way I thought I should it wasn’t worth doing or of any benefit.

I felt like a failure, I would beat myself up for not working out sometimes but I just couldn’t face it due to the boredom or how hard, imperfect or unattainable things felt.

I was excited to train once I joined Ariston. I love the variety in the programming and the fact that I don’t have to plan it myself. If the workout scared me or didn’t interest me as much I still look forward to seeing and interacting with the other members attending the class. I also know that no matter how hard a workout is that it will end, I just need to push through and the feeling of satisfaction that comes after is worth the effort. I’ve realized the value in modifying a workout to your current skills and abilities. There is no shame in it and the effort is still getting you closer to your goals.

The biggest change for me is my mental stamina has hugely increased and I can see where it has spilled over into other areas of my life. I recently gave birth to my son and not only did I feel my fitness and strength helped me through the birth but also my ability to focus, breathe and get through it mentally without fear. Now I feel recovery wise it is of great benefit physically as well.

If you are reading this and are on the fence about joining don’t wait until the time is right or that you are fit enough. My only regret is letting my fear dictate my decision to not join sooner.

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