CrossFit Bundaberg, Ariston CrossFit


We are not a gym.

Well not in the way you typically think of a gym. Let’s cover that fact the everyone has different opinions on what a gym is and what it offers you. Even though these differences in opinions exist would you agree that you immediately think of a gym as a space that contains machines, free weights, different rooms and sometimes gives you a key to access whenever you like? This type of gym offers you access to space and equipment, that’s it. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s the most ideal solution to a healthier life for some people.

Now that we have established what is commonly thought of as a gym, why are we not one of those?

We believe in the potential of everyone to achieve goals they may not even have yet. With the right direction and support anyone can achieve a healthier lifestyle, leading to a happier and longer life. To achieve this we give you coaching, personal relationships and a supportive community. Yes, we have the weights and the space like most other gyms but these are not what ultimately guide you to success.

A barbell won’t help you decide how best to lose another 5kg. An hour on a treadmill won’t support you when you are feeling unmotivated. The mirror won’t tell you what you need to do in the gym today. People will. At Ariston these people are your coaches and fellow members.. See where I am taking this?

We are not a gym. We are your community, a group of people with your goals and desires as the priority.


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