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People hate paying for bad service.

People hate paying for bad service.
Published: 14/06/2019

Bad products and bad service are things no one wants. People definitely don't want to pay for it and I am sure you don't either. So why is it we are still suckers for getting caught out? Price comparisons.

Back in high school I sustained a nasty knee injury. Over 18 months this was misdiagnosed multiple times but at the time I didn't know these doctors were wrong. Eventually the frustration and pain forced me to seek alternative opinions. This time, to one of the best, Dr. Peter Myers. In less than 5 minutes he correctly diagnosed my injury using the initial MRI and proceeded to explain the plan to fix my knee.

It was not a cheap visit but it sure fixed all my problems! In fact, I would pay him even more because I am that happy!

What would have happened if I didn't see him? Well, I would have a knee replacement by now. That would cost me even more money and pain!

What I learned was that seeking out people who really care, take the time to explain the situation and the most appropriate plan is far more important than price comparisons. The value someone with this approach can give you is incomparable.

Price comparisons will only leave you choosing one of the cheapest options. It won't tell you how much those people care and it won't allow you to receive a real idea of how they could change your life. Where price comparisons truly fail is when you compare apples to oranges.

So how do you avoid paying for bad service or bad products?

  1. Do your research and if you can, go and talk to the people you consider purchasing from. Tell them about your problems. If they show they care, listen to you, explain the most appropriate solution for you and talk very little about their features, inclusions, etc. you are on a winner!
  2. Don't eliminate those who are priced higher. There is a good reason for their pricing and often it's because they are so good you actually want to pay them even more!

I hate bad service too. Thinking of what could have been if I had not seen Dr. Meyers makes me thankful for choosing the higher priced, higher value, professional long term solution.

At Ariston, we don't want you to face the dire consequences of not choosing a high value service. You deserve the best.

Would you rather keep wondering if we are the right people to speak to or book a free intro meeting with myself now using the link below?

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Written by Coach Luke.

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