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A strong team makes everyone stronger

Do you have a strong pack?

You have most likely heard the term, “You are the sum of the 5 people you most often surround yourself with”. Along with this comes the notion of spending time with those who have what you want or know how to get to where you want to be. These both apply to training for fitness and health. Surround yourself with people who eat well, train smart and live an enjoyable lifestyle and you will start to do the same. Training alone or with others that do not motivate or inspire you to be better will result in stagnation. This is to do with your environment and not your drive. Many people possess the drive to train alone or stay consistent while training with others that can’t commit however are they really doing everything they can?

We often adapt to our environment, therefore surrounding ourselves with a team of people who continually aim and work hard for improvement will ensure we do too. If you look at what others can achieve as inspiring and proof that it can be done you will gain confidence that one day you too could do that. Those who train at home could be doing incredibly well. I know individuals who have achieved amazing levels of health and fitness while training at home. With a team of people who inspire them and they too inspire back, they could reach their goals even quicker. They may even achieve things they never thought of.

How it helps

Professional athletes, particularly those who compete in individual sports visit and train with players that will make them better. Why do they make them better? Everything the aspiring athlete does begins to emulate what their more experienced and successful training partner does.

I will use the example of 1 rep max lifts as an example. For most people in traditional resistance training they have never attempted a 1RM and feel uncomfortable doing so. This is normal and you should not be expected to push to your true 1RM without experience in lifting close to your maximum. You train at home or with a small group of people who are just as experienced as you (no coach) and you lift just as much as everyone else. In a case of running, you run just as fast as everyone else. In your heavy lift attempts you are actually only demonstrating 85% of your true strength. As you haven’t seen others push harder and use other techniques you believe that is your 1RM. You visit a gym for a session and witness people utilizing their full capacity, they are just as experience as you, weigh around the same and lift in similar fashion.

The difference is these people have surrounded themselves with an environment that guarantees they always want to improve. Their training buddies lead by example and support each other to be better each day. They don’t compete with one another because if that were the case once one was the strongest they would no longer want to keep training. Instead, they use their buddies ability to get better as motivation that they too can get better if they follow similar methods.

You can too!

At Ariston we have members who are inspiring in so many different ways. From weight loss stories of 20kg+ and continuing to incredible endurance you can be assured that someone at Ariston can be your training buddy to help you reach your goals. Just last week I had a new member say to me that she really enjoyed her first class because there were so many other women in her situation there. Get in contact with us and let’s see if we are a good fit to help you with reaching your health and fitness goals.


Written by Coach Luke McCracken




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