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The #1 Thing Killing Your Fitness and How To Avoid It

The #1 Thing Killing Your Fitness and How To Avoid It
Published: 07/08/2019

Becoming a better writer is a goal I wish to attain. It will allow me to better communicate knowledge and expertise to those who need it and by doing this I can help more people become fit and healthy. The thing with writing is I need to do a lot of it, every day, to get better. It takes practice.

Everything you want to attain and reach a level of mastery requires practice. You want it now, you don't want to wait right?

The risk to get as fit as possible, as fast as possible is killing your fitness.

Whether it is losing weight, getting stronger or increasing performance, it all takes time, multiple failures and learning. There will be ups and downs. Months where you see very little progress. Times when you can't train because life is too busy and you need to prioritize other things.

But we all want it right now. We want that body now. We want that strength now. We want to be able to do that awesome movement right now. I want to be a better writer right now.

I use the word risk because the thought of achieving great levels of fitness so quickly is dramatic, fun and awe-inspiring but it has dire consequences. The instant reward and accolades from others can be addictive but it won't last, because your progress won't last.

How to avoid this mistake

Start with this, perform the common uncommonly well. Also known as virtuosity.

There is a popular tendency for all who are developing fitness to skip quickly past fundamentals, the basics, and on to heavier weights, fancier movements, and bigger workouts. This is a curse. One that will forever hold you back and kill your fitness.

Those who attain levels of mastery that are impressive have practiced the fundamentals multiple times over and are always reviewing them. They do this because they know that if a deficiency exists within the fundamentals then it will cause a much larger issue in more sophisticated tasks.

Why you should practice virtuosity

Earlier I wrote that the reward and accolades you receive from others won't last. Quite often those who risk getting fitter faster are seeking external acknowledgment for their efforts. It's not that others won't keep supporting you and high fiving you, the problem is, very few obstacles were overcome, little to no limitations were pushed and the achievement feels empty for the person highlighted. They feel like there could be more.

When you are committed to the fundamentals, you work hard knowing that the time and effort you are putting in will pay off. There will be no glass ceiling holding your progress back. You will not have skipped over anything that can be a deficiency for you. You will be as prepared as possible for any task because you took no shortcuts.

Only those who continually practice virtuosity have the truest feeling of success. They know within themselves that they did everything they could, all the basic and simple tasks extremely well. There was no luck involved for them, just a commitment to virtuosity and the process.

I too must practice doing the common parts of writing uncommonly well in order to truly succeed in my goal.

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