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The best way we care for our members.

The best way we care for our members.
Published: 17/06/2019

My Fiance and I love going to Water St. Kitchen when eating out. Their food is delicious, they also have the tastiest desserts and great coffee! But this isn't why we keep going back.

The real reason we choose Water St. Kitchen more than other places is that they care about each person that walks in their doors. They show they care by asking how you find your meal. Your feedback to them helps keep their quality to the highest standard and this is why they are the best.

At Ariston, each member has a Member Care Consult with a coach 4 times per year. In each care consult, we ask you to answer questions that show us how you are progressing. These answers give us insight into any problems that need solutions.

To put it simply, each member consult allows us to find out how we can help you more. If something is not working, we change it! We want you to be getting the most from your time at Ariston.

Just like it doesn't cost you anything to have any of the staff from Water St. care about your experience, you don't need to pay for us to care about you.

It's what we naturally do!

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Written by Coach Luke

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