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The value of a coach

The value of a coach
Published: 20/06/2017

I must admit, I am the type of person who likes to learn something and figure it out on my own. Whether it is building a website or improving my health and fitness I find the right information for my situation and apply it. Having completed tertiary studies in sport and exercise science I thought of my lecturers and tutors as coaches as they guided me through. Having those people was highly valuable to ensuring that my studies were relevant to current day and laid a good foundation for further education. Before CrossFit I didn't have a coach in regards to my training outside of sporting teams. Very rarely would I have a personal training session and follow a program. Because of this it was easy to fall of track and not know if I could be doing something more beneficial. So what is the value of a coach?


You don't know what you don't know. Simple concept, hard to grasp at times. A coach is there to help you when you are on the wrong path, more importantly to stop you from getting on the wrong path at all. A coach is highly valuable to your life, not just training. Your coach can see when you are feeling right and should take the weekend off training and when you are smashing it, encouraging you to go for a little more. In terms of information and knowledge a coach also looks to others, often having their own coaches. My own coaches specialise in CrossFit, they guide me through not only my own training but aid me in understanding what works from their own experience and learning. So as my coaches learn more, I learn more then Ariston's members learn more. Without a coach you are limited to only what you learn which also limits your chance of improvement as you are not sure what works and what doesn't.


The unfortunate double edged sword that is the internet offers valuable content but also websites and authors that just want clicks. A coach is your filter to that information as they divide the useful from the useless. Now remember as a coach learns more their students learn more? As this flows down good coaches will pass on what is the best information. As an example my coach learns about various methods of training approaches, techniques etc. and passes on the most effective ones to me then I do the same and apply how relative it is to Ariston members. Effectively what this filtering achieves is you not needing to waste time with trial and error.


Even though I am motivated to learn and do things myself, I understand that having a coach is valuable to not only my learning and improvement in health and fitness but also as a coach.


Written by Coach Luke McCracken


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