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This Mistake is Costing You Fitness

This Mistake is Costing You Fitness
Published: 15/06/2019

Remember back when you were younger, you felt much more flexible, had greater stamina and your body recovered fast! Unfortunately that's all in the past and you feel like that was a totally different person. There is one mistake you are making that is continuing to cost you the fitness you had and every day it costs you even more.

You hear all the time as you grow up statements like, "you're lucky to be young", "wait till you get old", "you can't do that forever" and "wait until you are my age". You would still hear it from those older than you. They too, are making this mistake.

It's all about mindset! You have been conditioned to believe that as you get older your body will deteriorate and become a pinch of what it once was. The REAL reason your body will end up doing this is if you stop challenging it, making it adapt. So yes, if you plan to live life doing very little and not making your body experience new and challenging things you will end up very, very unfit.

Generations before you have been fooled. They were told that there is nothing they can do to stop losing their fitness and their health. You need to stop believing this lie. One of our coaches is twice my age, he can run 5km just as fast as me. My mother is also in her 50's and she can pick over 100kg up off the ground! They are not the exceptions to the rule, they just don't believe the nonsense fed to them.

If my mother can go from never being in a gym to now being more confident than ever about her fitness as she gets older you can too!

We are fighting against this lie that people are constantly told. Change the way you think about ageing and about how fit you can be by booking a free intro with me now using the button below.

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Written by Coach Luke.

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