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Tuesday Fitness Tip

Tuesday Fitness Tip
Published: 11/06/2019

Simple and easy fitness tips you can do anywhere.

Tabata time! Tabata is 8 Rounds of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. This is designed to elicit high intensity outcomes so when picking the movements you will do for a tabata it is best to stick to easy and light or bodyweight movements.

Here are some great Tabata workouts you can try today!

Tabata - Burpees

Tabata - Air Squats and Jumping Lunges (alternate each movement after 20 sec of work).

Tabata - Rowing

Tabata - Assault Bike (be mindful that when you give this one 100% you will experience a leg pump like you never have before)

Tabata Something Else - This workout includes 4 Tabata workouts. You complete Tabata Pull Up then onto Tabata Push Up immediately, then Tabata Sit Up and finally finish with Tabata Air Squat.

Tabata was designed by Dr. Izumi Tabata to be high efforts during each work interval. Work your way up with intensity. If you have not completed workouts with such high intensity before make small progressions each time you do. This will ensure you are safe and able to keep training.

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