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What if you look stupid?

What if you look stupid?
Published: 25/06/2019

You want to feel better and look better but you are afraid you are going to look stupid in the gym. Maybe you want to get fit before you starts.

This is fear based decision making. How we overcome this is by seeking out if your fears are truly warranted.

Your brain is wired to seek out potential threats to you, whether they are physical, mental or emotional it will create a sense of fear. This is used to ensure you survival however it also stops you from trying the exact thing that will lead to change. To sort out the real threats from the ones that could actually benefit you try this:

  1. Don't aim for a safe goal. By telling yourself you will just start with walking each day or joining a gym where you can hide in the corner is just another way of allowing fear to control your decision. If you never feel uncomfortable you are never giving yourself the real opportunity to change. Aim big, get help to succeed.
  2. No one is out there waiting for you to fail then point it out. If you have people like that, leave them and join us. We don't accept that sort of behaviour, it helps no one. Trust me, they will be extremely jealous of what you show you are capable of after some time at Ariston!
  3. Don't let where you are now dictate where you can be! I wish I could have started focusing on my health and fitness earlier in life too, but we can't go back. We can only start now, and there is no better time.

So, how long are you going to put off finding out how good you can feel and look? How long are you going to keep doing the same thing, the same frustrations, wasting money and making yourself believe you can't do anymore?

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Written by Coach Luke

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