What is CrossFit?

What CrossFit means is entirely different to each individual. The foundations of CrossFit and what CrossFit headquarters constantly drum into all trainers and participants gives us a good idea into what exactly CrossFit is. CrossFit is basically made of  3 simple elements, these are Nutritional Practice, Movement Practice and Community. Google “What is CrossFit?” and you will be given the simplified definition below (this is not CrossFit’s own definition).

The very first link from this search will take you to and here you will find the video below which more accurately depicts what CrossFit is.

Even in this video you see a lot of athletic bodies working out and fit individuals talking about why they love CrossFit. They achieved those physiques the same way the CrossFitter who lost 40kg did, through the first element we mentioned which is Nutrition practice. This is not a prerequisite for CrossFit which many people unfortunately believe. It is a fantastic outcome of THE MOST fundamental and important aspect of the CrossFit pyramid (nutrition). People of all different body types come to CrossFit and through a simple approach to their food they can improve their bodies functioning. Don’t fall for the “CrossFit is all about Paleo” or “CrossFitters are crazy strict with food, never eating anything bad”. We keep it simple and balanced so you can enjoy a life while being the best possible version of yourself.

Movement practice is the second element. This is what you see most when looking into CrossFit. People lifting weights, running and pulling their chins over the bar. If you look hard enough you will find 90 year olds doing sit to stands from a box, teenagers developing correct tension when using a barbell, 35 year old ladies doing push ups, 20 year old men doing jumping pull ups and everything in between. Why you see the heavy weights and complex gymnastics more often is because those who have been doing CrossFit for years are proud of their achievements and in today’s social media world they want to share it. There is nothing wrong with this however we can not forget where we all start. 99% of people who come in to CrossFit have never done a snatch or clean and jerk. The same percentage of new members can not perform body weight push ups or pull ups. All of these people will achieve these things with consistency and patience but each movement achieved is only a part of a bigger goal to increase work capacity. Simply put, CrossFit aims to help you be able to do more each day outside of the gym through working on your 10 general components of fitness.

Community is the third element. This is just as important as the first two elements. Community is the strength behind why CrossFit is the fitness methodology of choice for millions across the world. The community gives back to you what you give to it, most often before you have given anything at all. In your first class you will hear support from your coaches, the lady lifting the heaviest and the man who is a month into his journey. All from people you didn’t know before. Not long after your first class you will find yourself clapping another new member and one of the most experienced members. Whatever your fitness, whatever you can and can not do you are supported. At Ariston we believe in a rising tide floats all boats. Meaning we work together to ensure EVERYONE gets better.

So how would I describe CrossFit?

An ongoing life changing experience which involves learning and improving nutrition habits and movement practices with friends.


Written by Coach Luke McCracken.


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