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Who Is Ariston For?

Who Is Ariston For?
Published: 12/06/2019

Ariston is not like other gyms. We are more like your sports team that wins every week!

We don't like bringing others down, judging others because they do something different or making people afraid of failing.

I had a good time in my youth playing many different team and individual sports. I didn't win much. I was a skinny kid that didn't have much talent but I enjoyed myself and was surrounded by others that simply wanted to play the sport we all loved.

I was lucky for a coach of mine to offer to help myself join a gym and get stronger to help recover from a knee injury. With his help, I gained more than just a stable knee. I had knowledge, I had confidence and I was more likely to give opportunities a go.

I kept up going to the gym (on and off) for many years and even when studying sport and exercise science I still felt like there was something missing at the gym.

That was until I discovered CrossFit, educated myself about it and become a Level 1 Trainer. I'll never forget the light bulb moment at my certification. The moment I realise this was EXACTLY what I felt was missing at all the gyms I had been to. It was COACHING!

Motivated to help others I founded Ariston Fitness. Through Ariston I can help others receive coaching every single time they train.

We believe you shouldn't have to worry about what to do in your workouts.

We believe you deserve to feel more confident and gain knowledge about how to be fitter and healthier.

We believe working out should be fun and different!


Since we care about our members we don't allow egos or nasty people to train with us. That simply does not fit with our values.

That means we will never have the most members but we'll always be the best because the people under our roof are AWESOME and each one cares about you.

If you want to get fitter, healthier and be more confident book a free no sweat intro using the button below.

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We're not salesman, we are coaches.

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