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Why is my kid struggling to be active?

Why is my kid struggling to be active?
Published: 23/09/2019

It's common for many people to believe it's easier than ever for kids these days. Everything is served up for them, right? So why can't your child remain active and want to keep playing sport? It's harder than you think.

Even though there are many things that make tasks easier for kids, this has only brought on an expectation that they can deal with even more. It's not the case and each child needs downtime. Many active kids, or kids wanting to get active struggle because they are worn down by hormone stresses from normal development, social stress that is non-stop thanks to social media, mental stress from learning and physical stress from each day's manual tasks.

When you were a kid you didn't have all the awesome technology or shortcuts that make tasks automated or simpler now so you had to do it yourself. You also didn't have a world of information at your fingertips that can change your mood very quickly, a world that you would be expected to be connected to in order for survival these days.

Being a kid 10, 20 or 30+ years ago involved a lot more physical play. These days kids are found to be much more sedentary which causes more problems when they try to jump into too much physical activity. It also leads to very poor bone development.

We can help your teen get active and love it.

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