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Why our members are super happy with their memberships and you should too.

Why our members are super happy with their memberships and you should too.
Published: 07/07/2019

Your car is quite an important asset of yours, it gets you from point A to point B swiftly and safely. Two people you will encounter when owning a car are first the salesperson (even it's a private deal, the seller is a salesperson) and a mechanic. Who is the best person to ask about the car they recommend? I always ask my mechanic what their experiences have been with certain cars and what they recommend.

Your mechanic sees you every time there is something wrong with your car. They see how frustrated you are, disappointed that you bought a flop and have to keep making the repayments. The salesman most likely won't ever see or speak to you again once they make their sale. The manufacturer service centre deals with the issues.

Your body is an even more important asset to you. We are your mechanic. We speak to you about your struggles, frustrations with how you feel and your goals. You maintain your body every day with us as your mechanic. In our gym your mechanics are your coaches, which you see everyday. No training alone.

As I said, I speak to my mechanic before making a car purchase. So instead of just joining a gym we do something no one else does in town. We call it a Free No Sweat Intro. It's a friendly conversation with a coach where you do all the talking. Basically you get to tell your mechanic (coach) everything you are looking for, your needs and your goals. From this information they can make an informed decision on what is best for you.

So how does this make our members happy with their purchases?

We don't recommend a 2 door car for a person needing to transport a family of 5. We only recommend our services if we know we can help best. So when you become a member of Ariston you know that you are guaranteed to succeed. If we recommend someone else it is because they can help you better than we can.

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Written by Coach Luke

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