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Why you are failing at weight loss and others succeed

Why you are failing at weight loss and others succeed
Published: 07/07/2019

You join a gym to lose weight, to feel better and look better. You work really hard in the gym. Results start to show early on but then slow down and stop. I'm betting you feel disappointed. You give up, you try again, same thing happens. Why is this?

Without nutrition advice you are going to actually start eating more. Your expectations are that increased activity levels will lead to weight loss. So when weight loss slows down you do more in the gym, burning those calories! However the reality is that your increased activity levels leads to increased hunger, increased food intake and slower than expected weight loss.

Those who succeed in weight loss have a plan. They seek good nutrition advice and act on it. They are learning that increased activity levels don't equal increased weight loss but a decrease in calorie intake does!

One of our members said to me a few months back that it clicked for him. In the past he would have had a huge steak, chips and lots of sauce paired with a beer for dinner. Now he has a piece of meat no larger than the palm of his hand with lots of veggies and water. Sounds boring to you? Well this man has lost over 20kg in a year and he still enjoys drinking beer too! He is able to do that because he received nutrition advice and made the decision that food is his most powerful weapon in weight loss. This is him:

We can offer you the right nutrition advice. You don't need to train with us. We are currently helping a man prepare for a fitness model competition and another man lean up for his wedding, neither of these guys train at Ariston but are receiving our expert help.

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Written by Coach Luke

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