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You Are Losing When You Don't Get Prescribed!

You Are Losing When You Don't Get Prescribed!
Published: 16/06/2019

Prescription in everything is KING! It's a recommendation that is authoritatively put forward to you with the goal of helping you solve a problem. Think about how many services you currently pay for that you were prescribed. The ones that prescribe to you are the higher value services.

You spend a lot of time at work and increase your knowledge to further your career. You can help others by prescribing the right solutions for them in the industry you work. That is the role others serve, to help you with all the knowledge they have acquired. Yet, you still make a choice on your own and it's causing you to lose!

People around the world view exercise and nutrition as a super simple solution. It can be, however, the solution that is the most appropriate for you can take years to figure out on your own. You will probably give up before you find it. It costs you money every time you try another solution that isn't right for you.

When you go to the doctor seeking a solution for better health do you tell them what is best for you? Nope. You are prescribed what they, as your authoritative figure, recommend. Imagine the money you would burn through trying all different solutions without their advice!

Why is prescription king for you?

  • First a foremost, it is entirely based upon what you tell the professional you are speaking to. You get to speak, you are heard and the recommendation is custom for you!
  • A real professional prescribes first. Would you jump on the operating table and let a surgeon figure out what they are going to do once they have cut you open? Nope! Professionals in their industry know that to help you the best they need to know all they can about you.
  • You get to choose if you want to do what you are prescribed because usually there are options.
  • You receive what you deserve!

In the health and fitness industry what does non prescription look like:

  • A free class
  • Purchasing a membership based on a discount and not a solution
  • One solution for everyone
  • Working out straight away, no chance for you to tell your story
  • Choosing a gym based on where your friends go
  • Online programs

Now a non prescription gym would say this is what we offer you and list our all their services. We won't do that to you. We know you deserve better than that. You ought to be heard and be recommended what works for you.

We believe in honesty. If the goal you are chasing is something we are not the best to help you with we will refer you to someone who can do so! Just like your doctor refers you to a specialist. No one can do it all.

I challenge you to come chat to me, let's talk about you and see what your prescription is. You can be at another gym or not doing anything right now. It's a free, simple conversation that gives you clarity about what you deserve to be doing.


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Written by Coach Luke

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