You have the POWER

You may be the one person in your group of friends or family that tries things first or you might be the one who likes exercise the most. Whichever it may be when you find a method of exercise you love it’s important that you share it. By being active and leading by example you are already having an impact on those around you. For parents this is most definitely true. Your children see and hear about you exercising and they also associate the positiveness that you demonstrate from working out.


Each person has their own tastes. Not one type of gym or class will suit everyone. This should not stop you from inviting your friends and family to be included in one of the most important parts of their life. By reaching out and inviting someone you could potentially change their life for the better. That’s really all it takes. They may not stick with the same thing you do but you were the one who helped them get started.


Get out there and invite your friends and family with you. Don’t place any limitations on them or yourself, just ask them.


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