Your Why

Establishing your “WHY”

We all have different reasons for why we exercise. Don’t confuse these with specific goals you have, your why should be much deeper than that. For most participating in functional fitness their why is around living a healthier and more active lifestyle. They workout for an hour a day and have good eating habits to support this. Have you really thought about why you exercise?

Your why needs to be intrinsically based, meaning it comes from the pleasure of you completing or working on a task. If no one is around to applaud, support and cheer you on it won’t matter. The same goes for social media, today’s society is drawn to the positive feeling that is attached to likes and supportive comments. If you make a post and no one likes it, you won’t care if you are intrinsically motivated.

Make your why clear and tell yourself routinely. You could even place your why as a written statement somewhere to be seen (for you, not others). This acts as a reminder when you start to concern yourself with something that does not affect your why.

Example: “I enjoy the way training allows me to feel outside the gym. Challenging myself and reaching new achievements excites me because I feel I am growing and becoming better in my life.”

Your why cannot stem from seeking approval, acceptance, validation or recognition. Whatever security you may be looking for, it must be in a way which you can satisfy through your own actions. Looking towards others for validation is a path towards disappointment.


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